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I'm New

I’m New

Hillside United Methodist Church is an open and welcoming congregation.  Many people think that the church is made up of saints who gather on Sundays and thank God that they aren’t like “those” people.  While we certainly have our share of saintly individuals, most of us are broken people who continue coming so we can be around a loving and caring family of believers struggling to grow into the individuals that God has created us to be.  The cold, hard truth is that all of us have our own personal struggles in life and we believe that the struggle is made easier by walking through life with one another.

If you’ve ever felt broken, out-of-place, depressed, anxious, downcast, imperfect or just plain messed up and really find it hard to believe that if there is a God, that God could possibly love you… then I would encourage you to come to Hillside.  We won’t claim to fix anybody, but we would love to come alongside you, walk with you, encourage you, and introduce you to the God whom we believe makes us all whole. 

Many people admit that the number one reason they attend a church for the first time is because someone asked them.  Well, you’re here on our website checking us out… So let me extend a personal invitation to you!  Give us a try and come check us out in person.  We won’t embarrass you by asking you to stand up and introduce yourself, nor will we put you on the spot by asking for all sorts of personal information so that we can follow-up repeatedly and put you on a mailing list that you can never get away from.  What we will do is extend a warm welcome and attempt to make you feel at home.  Hillside is a great church that has a place reserved just for you!

If you have young children, we have an awesome nursery and our preschoolers through 3rd-graders love our children’s moment followed by children’s church.  We value families and consider all children a blessing and never a distraction nor interruption.  Our older kids and youth remain in the service to worship along with their families.

We hope to see you soon, and please introduce yourself to me when you come.  I love to meet new people.  But, it’s also okay to slip in late and sneak out the side door on your first or second visit.

Your friend,

Pastor Chris