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What to expect

What to Expect

Sunday Morning

Our goal is to be a friendly place where all people feel welcomed, loved and valued. Our worship center is a multi-purpose facility that hosts many different activities throughout the week.  On Sundays, it is a sanctuary where we encounter God’s presence.  We have two distinct worship options plus a Sunday School hour for adults and kids.  If you have children, we offer a loving and safe environment where they can learn, play and grow.

8:30 a.m. Worship

This is our traditional worship service that looks and feels like what you might expect both in format and appearance.  We sing traditional hymns, enjoy Hillside’s adult choir, read and recite traditional liturgies, read scriptures from the Bible and listen to a relevant message.  The dress code covers the whole spectrum from slacks and ties, to sport coats and dresses, to jeans and t-shirts, to shorts and flip-flops.  So dress-up or dress-down and you’ll be sure to fit in.

10:45 a.m. Worship

This is our casual worship service where the set-up always includes a few round tables and chairs for families to sit around, giving the kids a place to color and mom or dad a place to set their soft drink or coffee mug.  We still read scripture, take up an offering and pray, but our praise band leads our worship with electric guitars, drums and pianos.  The message is usually the same at both services adjusted a bit to fit each audience.  The dress code is definitely “come-as-you-are” with jeans and t-shirts, shorts and flip-flops.


Our goal at both services is to encounter the presence of God, celebrate the goodness of God, gather with other members of God’s family to experience real and authentic community, and point others toward the cross so they can meet Jesus.  Admittedly, none of us are perfect and we all have a lot of growing to do, so the message you’ll hear will be full of both grace and truth.  Grace that is encouraging and uplifting.  Truth that is challenging and sometimes convicting.  A healthy dose of both Grace and Truth remind us that we are thankfully not the people we used to be, but not quite the people we hope to become.


Children are a gift from God and a blessing.  Children of any age are welcome in our worship services.  They are never a distraction nor an imposition.  We do offer a warm and inviting nursery for kids to age 3.  We have a children’s moment for preschoolers through 3rd grade followed by children’s church with an age-appropriate lesson and activity.  Children return to their parents during our closing song.

9:45 a.m. Sunday School

We have Sunday School options for all ages and stages of life.  Please click to learn more about our children, youth and adult options.